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Packaging: Is it Copy?

The other day I was in a pharmacy and saw the pictured product. It was an energy drink, but was packaged in a container that looked like a tiny to-go cup of coffee. And it wasn't just Gevalia...there were several coffee brands in the section, presumably to mimic the consumer's brand of choice.

Packaging is advertising.

A box or bag is more than just a container. Case in point, the smile that goes from the A to the Z on every Amazon box. It doesn't just enclose the shipment, it reminds everyone who sees it that Amazon provides a variety of products that go from across the globe straight to your door.

A personal example: I have NEVER bought protein powder from a bag. Why? Because I associate protein powder with those massive plastic kegs, and just can't bring myself to buy it from a somehow feels unnatural.

Whenever you are designing or marketing a product, ask yourself, "How do I want people to see this on the shelf?" With a little ingenuity, the box it comes in could sell more than a commercial or jingle ever could.

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