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New Years Resolutions

Enough with the cliches: Lose Weight, Become Bilingual, Play Guitar. How about Grow Your Business? Not a lot of lists seem to have that on there, even though having more monetary resources and security would have a positive influence on just about every other facet of your life!

Marketing is an investment, and one that, if everything else is factored for, definitely pays off. This is something every copywriter has struggled to explain to smaller and growing businesses. Pepsi doesn't fork over tons of money in advertising every Superbowl because it's fun. They get a greater return on their investment than what they put down on it.

So for this year, instead of hitting the gym Jan 1, how about calling up a copywriter, a graphic designer, or a marketing consultant? You may not lose the love-handles, but a thicker wallet complements any waistline.

Happy New Years.

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