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Left-Brain Marketing: The Right Side of Left

Logos-driven marketing techniques (analytical, scientific key points) are often used, but rarely talked about. At a board meeting about drawing more consumers, it may even be dismissed in favor of more emotionally appealing forms of marketing.

This is because of a strange bias humans have. We see ourselves as logical and driven by Logos. We see others as emotional and driven by Ethos. But your average person is much more rational than our personal biases concede.

The best example I can think of that showcases this tendency are the specs on computers. People are much more interested in memory, graphics, speed, and interface than in color or design. Sure, everyone wants a computer that looks like it would fit in Star Trek better than Blade Runner, but they would rather have an ugly computer that's fast than a pretty one that is slow.

Similarly, nutrition information for food can be a deal breaker when comparing two similarly priced products. These gummies taste good and have fewer calories and more vitamin C? Sold!

It is important not to overlook the numbers, and that is why left-brain marketing is so valuable and so present in everyday marketing. What's surprising is how little it is discussed and how appealing it can be to fixate on an emotionally appealing, often narrative-driven campaign that overlooks the heart and soul of sales: VALUE.

Left-brain marketing showcases value, often in hard number and black-and-white, better than any other format. When properly integrated with more emotionally-driven and pathos-based methods, you can wind up with a real branding juggernaut.

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