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Interactive Ads

I was first introduced to interactive ads as a consumer, not a creator. I was watching hulu when I encountered an advertisement unlike any I'd seen before.

It started off like your average car commercial. A Toyota Prius was driving through some urban, well-lit nighttime streets (closed course, naturally). But after the driving came to an end, I was prompted to "Press X to see all the features." NatuWant to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. rally, I couldn't pass up the option.

What followed was not unlike the specs you see on a "build-a-car" pages you see on many vehicle manufacturer websites. The difference was that instead of me looking for those specs, those specs invited me to look at them.

And I did!

Interactive ads are a great softball-style way to encourage consumer involvement. It doesn't force the issue...It ALLOWS the consumer to pursue their own innate curiosities. I think it's a great new way to garner brand awareness and it will only increase in use and creativity from here.

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