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DiSC: Myers-Briggs for Business?

Just a disclosure: I don't work for Wiley, and this is just my opinion. My unpaid, unsolicited opinion.

In copywriting circles, I'd heard of DiSC as a means to understand client's needs and addressing social elements of business. This was an important feature, as writers of any kind tend to be somewhat introverted, if not antisocial, and understanding a client's needs is easily the most important part of the job.

Upon going to the DiSC site and reading up on the structure, my first impression was that this was similar to the currently popular Meyers-Briggs personality test.

Closer inspection revealed this was more than just a social media quiz demanded by dating sites and Instagram models. It seems to be a rather genuine and novel way of addressing the misunderstandings and conflicts (as well as synergy) of certain groups in the workforce, both in-house and freelance.

I recommend at the very least you peruse the site and consider the applications. Worst case scenario, it's better than "What Harry Potter Character Are You?" and every other thinly veiled narcissist quiz.

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