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Brochures...are you chure, bro?

Brochures are under-sung heroes of marketing. They're everywhere: the doctor's office, the government facility, the ad agency, the mega mart...and people often put them in the same camp as flyers and direct mail before they promptly toss them in the recycling bin.

But brochures play a very different role, and one that shouldn't be overlooked: they aren't attention-seekers. Brochures don't sell, they inform. And informing someone about a product can and will influence their opinion, but even if they say no, they walk away with more understanding.

This is why brochures are so effective at illustrating the benefits of usually don''t pick one up unless you're already interested in learning more. One of my asthma medications I take is due to reading a brochure...which I picked up because it was about asthma treatment, something I was already interested in.

A well written brochure is great provided it isn't pushed upon the reader. These wonderful little pamphlets of bullet lists and details should be sitting pretty in a place where people can either pick them up, or request them via a mailing list.

So start using brochures, but don't treat them like newsletters or postcards. These wonderful forms of copy belong in their own category, as soft=sell, informative material for the curious or confused, not just any passerby.

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