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How I combat writer's block

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Writer's block sucks. For creative types, a mental block can have you questioning your identity, your skill, your life. It's not so different from being emasculated or ostracized in that it creates a crisis of identity. So how do I deal with writer's block? Well, for starters, I go to that natural companion of writing: reading.

Reading is generally how people get into writing in the first place, right? Nobody writes a story before they learn to read. Additionally, inspiration can strike when we are open to new ideas, and the act of reading is, by its very nature, an act of open are allowing the writer to fill your mind with thoughts that aren't your own.

When that fails, or if it takes a chunk of that block off, then I write. "But Leo," some of you are asking already, "the problem is I CAN'T write!" That's not true. You can't write what you want to write. But anyone can write. So do that...just write. Write drivel. Write nonsense. After a while, you'll start writing what looks less and less like drivel and more and more like gold. People don't run to get out of breath...they run because eventually, it'll feel good. Writing is like that. Write until if feels good.

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